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China Nuclear News Weekly Roundup - 07/09 - 07/13

Yangjiang Unit 5 Finished Commissioning and is Ready for Operation

CGN Power Company announced on July 12th that Yangjiang Unit 5 has finished commissioning and is ready for commercial operation. Yangjiang NPP has completed a 168-hour demonstration operation and has begun tracking the amount of electricity uploaded to the external transmission grid. This is also CGN’s first nuclear power unit of 2018 to fulfill commercial operation requirements.


MOFCOM Anti-Monopoly Bureau Will Not Prevent the CNNC & CNECC Merger

The Anti-Monopoly Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce recently released a Decision Letter which rules that MOFCOM will not to prohibit the merger of the CNNC and the CNECC. The bureau finds that the merger will further integrate resources of the two groups and establish a nuclear industry group with a complete supply chain, but will ultimately be a positive force in the industry. The merger will accelerate the pace for Chinese nuclear industry to “go out.”


A Study on the “Squib Valve Testing Methodology Project”, Part of the CAP1400/HTGR National Key Projects, is Reviewed and Accepted

The National Energy Administration’s Nuclear Power Department organized a meeting in Suzhou from July 5th to 6th to verify the results of the testing methodology. The explosive valve tech evaluation project is part of the CAP1400 and HTGR National Key Project. CNNC’s SUFA (Suzhou Valve) Technology Industry Company and Shaanxi Applied Physics and Chemistry Research Institute led the task and provided methodology and associated technology evaluation and QC support for the explosive valves.  


China’s First Nuclear Heating Industry Alliance Established in Harbin 

Initiated by the SNPTC, China’s first Nuclear Heating Industry Alliance has been established following a ceremony in Harbin. The establishment of this alliance represents another step for SNPTC towards fulfilling the central government’s policy requirements on “promoting clean heating methods in Northern China” and “safeguarding the blue sky.” The alliance is aimed at carrying out policy gals by developing safe and efficient nuclear heating technology as well as promoting the industrial nuclear heating applications. 


Taikang Life Insurance Company is Investing £1 Billion in Hinkley Point C Project

The Taikang Life Insurance Company, subsidiary of the Chinese insurance and asset management giant Taikang Group, just signed an investment contract with CGN and other shareholders to commit up to GBP 1.075 billion to the development of the Hinkley Point C (HPC) project. It is the first time that a Chinese insurance company has become involved in a nuclear power project and serves as an example of diversification of financing resources in the nuclear industry.