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China Nuclear News Weekly Roundup - 07/16 - 07/20

CNNC’s New Leadership Announced: Wang Shoujun Retires, Yu Jianfeng & Gu Jun become New President and GM

After the restructuring with China Nuclear Engineering & Construction Group Corporation (CNECC), CNNC now has new leadership. On July 19th a managing conference was held to announce the central government’s decision on new appointments: Wang Shoujun, former CNNC President, is now retired and Yu Jianfeng and Gu Jun are the new President and General Manager, respectively.

CGN is Building Two More HPR1000 Units at Fangchenggang NPP

CGN’s Fangchenggang NPP currently has four units, a count that includes the two HPR1000 units under construction. The reactors planned for units 5&6 are still conducting site surveys, but are now officially slated to employ HPR1000 technology.  Fangchenggang Nuclear Power Company is now requesting public comment, a practice that is required by law.

Progress Report: Under-Construction NPPs

Fuqing Unit 5 finished main pipe welding on July 14th; Tianwan Unit 5’s RPV was successfully installed on July 16th; Karachi Unit 2’s integrated RPV head structure finished load testing in Sichuan on July 19th; Hongyanghe Unit 5’s reactor core spray pump and low-pressure safety injection pump passed pre-shipping inspection and have been shipped to site; and Fangchenggang Unit 3’s main pipe was also shipped to site.

CNNC Environmental Protection Company Seeking Cooperation with Ansaldo Nucleare

On July 17th and 18th, CNNC Environmental Protection Company held discussions with Ansaldo Nucleare regarding cooperation in nuclear waste management and decommissioning, as well as the possibility of exploring the European market together. Following its analysis on the European NPP decommissioning market, Ansaldo Nucleare found the two companies have room to cooperate within this market. Additionally, both sides reached cooperation agreements regarding multiple aspects of various future projects.

Performance Analysis Results on the Nickel Alloy 690 U-tubes Used in Steam Generators has been Reviewed and Accepted

The National Energy Administration recently reviewed the results of the “Development and Applied Performance Analysis of Alloy 690 U-tubes for Nuclear Power Steam Reactors Project”, part of the CAP1400 National Key Research Project, and upon inspection, accepted the report’s findings. The project was led by Bao Steel Special Steel Company and received additional input and participation from multiple companies and research institutes, including Shanghai Jiao Tong University, SNERDI, Central Iron & Steel Research Institute, NPIC, and Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Metal Research.