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China Nuclear News Weekly Roundup - 7/02 - 7/06

Fuqing Unit 5’s Reactor Internals (lower section) Successfully Installed

On June 29th, Fuqing Unit 5’s lower section reactor internals were successfully installed within the RPV. The reactor internals were shipped to site on April 14th and the parts for the lower section were positioned on the gantry platform on June 21st. It took field engineers only a week to place and install the RVI components within the RPV.


Tianwan Unit 5’s RPV Shipped to Site

On July 4th, Tianwan Unit 5’s reactor pressure vessel (RPV) was shipped by China First Heavy Industry (CFHI), the equipment manufacturer. The RPV was designed and procured by the Nuclear Power Institute of China and was shipped under the witness of representatives from Jiangsu Nuclear Power Company and China Nuclear Power Engineering Company.


Sanmen Unit 2 Loads Fuel

The NNSA issued the “Sanmen Unit 2’s Pre-First Fuel-loading Comprehensive Nuclear Safety Examination Report” on June 28th, which serves as a checklist and set of fuel loading instruction, and noted seven items requiring attention prior to loading fuel. The report suggested that fuel load preparation work will be considered sufficient after closing those seven items. The project owner successfully completed the required actions over the following weeks, and received the NNSA’s fuel loading license to begin fuel load on July 5th.


CNECC & CNNC Merger Update: Reorganization Plan Approved, New Leadership to be Announced Soon

The name China Nuclear Engineering & Construction Group Corporation (CNECC) has been removed from the list of “central SOEs,” signifying another step has been taken towards merging the two corporations. Reports state that the reorganization plan has been approved and that new leadership will be announced soon. The merger is actually a regrouping of the two corporations, with CNECC to be absorbed by CNNC unrecompensed. CNECC will lose its status as an independent legal entity while its publicly listed subsidiaries will not be included in the regrouping and will remain independent.