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- Strategy Formulation for Entry, Localization & Going Out - 

For companies that have already identified and and qualified their opportunities in the China market, the next step must be the formulation of a robust, pragmatic, and carefully considered strategic framework to kick-start effective local initiatives. These initiatives  must also be tied to individual tactical actions and KPIs to track progress.

Nicobar Group's consulting services provide an experienced and stable point of entry for foreign firms. With over 10 years of experience in China, we know that the single most crucial factor for success is a measured and strategic launch into the Chinese market that reaps the rewards of a "soft landing" on the ground here . Our support for Strategic Development and Execution includes:

  • Due diligence and evaluations for local partnership
  • Localization and oversight of your supply chain
  • Technical sales/business development,
  • Lead tracking, customer relationship maintenance, business development project management
  • Support for application and confirmation of Approved Vendor/Qualified Vendor status (AVL/QSV)
  • Detailed cost breakdowns and estimates for the establishment of a local entity
  • Comparison studies for Representative Office vs. WFOE vs. Joint Venture entry models
  • Experienced support for the legal, financial, and commercial requirements of establishing a local company
  • Strategy for consideration and incorporation of the Chinese "Going Out" (zou chu qu) policy into your local and international market plan

- Business & Partnership Development -

Based on the results of your market entry strategy report, a variety of sales models may be available for your company, including direct sales, out-sourced agent sales, sales via a proprietary local entity and sales-force, or partnership with a well-placed Chinese partner firm. If your company is starting with no local Chinese presence, Nicobar Group staff can fill in the gaps to help transition you away from expensive of sending your sales people to China to chase leads and broker partnerships and into a new model with long-term strategic viability.

Master the Chinese Sales Cycle

The Chinese sales process can be long, convoluted and difficult to understand. Unlike the Western business environment, there is rarely a single key economic decision-maker. Procurement budgets are not necessarily set in advance and it's common to see a major disconnect between the needs of Chinese technical staff and their commercial departments, not to mention company leadership. The Chinese nuclear procurement ecosystem is densely populated with outside stakeholders who wield direct and indirect influence over the procurement process of any outside goods or services. Adding to these difficulties, awareness of regulatory requirements and foreign nuclear brands can often be incomplete, making the sales process even more difficult.

We're Connected Everywhere in China Nuclear

Nicobar has unparalleled expertise navigating the complex Chinese nuclear business environment. We possess the technical, business, and cultural credentials that enable us to offer uniquely well-matched sales support for your products and services. Not only do we have direct contacts in all the relevant plants, support units, design firms and EPCs of China nuclear, but our China nuclear sales experience has spanned all the way from complex engineering services to safety-grade mechanical and electrical components. We are also internally integrated and thus well-prepared to offer our clients advisory on local product certification requirements as well as Part 810 Export Control considerations (for US clients).  

We Work With Your Team

Our on the ground sales effort can be seamlessly merged with your existing sales pipeline tracking system or efforts by your current agents or other direct sales staff. Alternatively, we can also provide a strategic evaluation of your current sales management processes to ensure that the appropriate modifications are made for the China nuclear business sales environment.

Nicobar works with our clients’ commercial and technology leadership teams to develop and execute business and partnership development programs that project the company’s strengths with maximum impact, unlocking broader and more attractive opportunities. The Chinese nuclear market is significantly different from other markets around the world.  In this environment, it is imperative that a company’s value proposition is fully understood by the Chinese marketplace.

Don't waste time with untrustworthy agents who promise everything and under-deliver every time.

Don't waste time wondering if there's better way to manage your China sales effort without spending so much time and money.

Just ask us. 

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