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Market Intelligence & Analysis

The  macro-environment of the Chinese energy industry is highly dynamic and populated by massive vertically integrated companies active across a huge variety of industrial segments including uranium mining, equipment manufacturing, power generation, engineering/technical services and nuclear medicine. In addition to their domination of the domestic market, these companies have now begun reaching across international borders, stimulating and supporting new nuclear economies worldwide via training,  technology exports and massive infrastructure capital investments. 

With the Chinese market featuring such a complex organizational structure, opaque decision-making processes and unclear market opportunities for individual technologies, a foreign company's decision to enter this market for the first time or make adjustments to an already-existing market strategy must be supported by timely and qualified market intelligence. Nicobar's depth and breadth of experience in the China energy sector makes us the single most qualified international firm to perform customized market research and intelligence gathering in this space.

For companies considering entering China, a market intelligence report could include:

  • Mapping of the domestic  value chain for your offering
  • Market sizing for total, serviceable and obtainable market segments
  • Customer/client profile analysis and drill-down analysis on selected customers
  • Key competitor profile and activity summary on selected competitors
  • Review and summary of existing domestic tenders matching your offering
  • Delivery model comparisons
  • Evaluations and due diligence on local companies (agents, manufacturers, partners)
  • Details on local certification requirements, for instance HAF604
  • Other regulatory considerations

All our market research reports are tailored for our clients' specific services or products and can also be further customized to address already-known pain points and need-to-knows. The report deliverable eventually submitted will be a current and timely evaluation of your market segment in China, based on our accumulated industry knowledge, deep data dives, and interviews with our industry contacts in the plants, in the factories and in the research and design institutes. Because Nicobar offers one-stop-shopping for market entry support, it's possible and highly recommended that the results of the market intelligence effort be employed when devising and executing your China entry strategy.

Even if your company has already achieved some degree of success in China, a Nicobar custom market intelligence report can help you optimize your strategy while maximizing leverage of your existing resources. In the end, your efforts in China will become flexible enough to evolve with real-time shifts in the Chinese market, stave off new competition and never lose sight of new opportunities.

For companies already active in China, a market intelligence report could include:

  • Impact analysis of recent regulatory changes or new government initiatives
  • Due diligence and evaluation of current partners or potential new partners
  • Gap analysis between current targeted market and total addressable market
  • Customer/partner feedback surveys assessing brand strength
  • Real-time threat evaluation for new competitive firms or technologies  

On the basis of our tailored market intelligence, we can then develop recommendations for adjusting your existing China strategy and provide the crucial on-the-ground support to ensure the new strategy is executed effectively.


What are your key need-to-knows for the China nuclear market? What is the crucial intelligence you currently lack...the intelligence that will empower you to confidently make that key decision for your business? Tell us what you need.


Interested companies can also get started with a free nuclear industry white-paper, which we co-publish each year with the United States Department of Commerce's Foreign Commercial Service. Download the 2017-2018 white-paper for free here.