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China Energy Delivered

Nicobar Client Case Studies 2018:

Case 1: Market Research, Strategy Development and Lead Generation:

CLIENT is a medium-sized engineering consulting firm with worldwide experience in providing engineering services to the power industry, including nuclear. When CLIENT needed market research and support with the creation of its China business plan, Nicobar was asked to take the lead. Download the case study in pdf form here


Case 2: China Localization Strategy, Partner Search and Due Diligence:

CLIENT is a major global provider of low-level radioactive water treatment systems for nuclear power plants. When CLIENT decided to explore their opportunities for manufacturing portions of their equipment in China, they turned to Nicobar to find the partners and develop a plan. Download the case study in pdf form here


Case 3: China Market Intelligence, Forecasting and Strategic Support

CLIENT is a large player in the global power generation industry with business units covering equipment manufacturing and engineering services for the nuclear energy sector. When internal organization changes reduced CLIENT's ability to effectively track and forecast China sales opportunities, Nicobar was able to pick up the slack and get client's market intelligence effort back on track. Download the full case study in pdf form here