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Nuclear News Weekly Round Up – 9/18-9/22 

Third Steam Generator of First Hualong One Export Installed

On September 14th, 14:38 (local time), the installation of the third steam generator of the first internationally constructed Hualong One reactor – Karachi NPP’s unit 2, was completed. Since September 10th, all three steam generators have been installed according to a “pre-installation” method by which major equipment like the steam generators are put into place before the NI dome is ultimately installed. This milestone indicates that this new construction method has been successfully implemented, thereby laying a good foundation for the entire project and establishing a significant precedent for other Hualong NPPs to come.  


Haiyang Phase I Primary Coolant Pump Installation Complete  

On September 13th, the fourth primary coolant pump of Haiyang unit 2 was successfully set into place. It is also the last primary coolant pump of Haiyang unit 2 and indicates that the preliminary pump installation work is completed. In-containment pump installation work will soon commence. It also lays a good foundation for cold testing of Haiyang unit 2.  


Quote price 88.33 million RMB! Jiangsu ENTC (Hailong Nuclear Technology) wins Fuqing NPP Bid

On September 13th, ENTC released a statement that the corporation won the tender for the procurement package of electrical/mechanical fire sealants for Fuqing unit 5 and 6. The quote price is 88.33 million RMB, which exceeds the company’s 76.0367 million first half revenue.  


Pakistan’s Chashma NPP C3/C4 Complete

On September 8th, the completion ceremony of Pakistan’s Chashma NPP’s C3/C4 project was held in Mianwali city, Punjab province. The Chashma C3/C4 project is a major project in the China-Pakistan economic corridor. CNNC China Zhongyuan Engineering Corporation is the EPC contractor and started the project in March 2011. It is an important milestone in the twenty years of cooperation between China and Pakistan and will boost the in-depth cooperation between the two countries in multiple fields in the future. It will also accelerate the implementation of China’s Belt and Road Initiative while setting a good example for other energy projects in the China-Pakistan economic corridor. Upon its commercial operation, Chashma NPP’s installed capacity will exceed 1300MW and provide clean, efficient, and safe power. Chashma NPP has great significance for relieving the pressures of local power shortages. 


Fuqing Unit 4 Enters Commercial Operation  

Fuqing NPP’s unit 4 has entered commercial operations pahse, raising the site’s installed capacity to a total of 4356MWe. Since November 22, 2014, the four units of Fuqing have been brought online at a rate of one unit per year. To present day, the accumulated generation of Fuqing NPP is 380GWe, which is equivalent to 12.27 million tons of coal consumption, carbon emission reductions of by 40.08 million tons, which in turn is equivalent to over 270,000 acres of forest.