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China Energy Delivered

Market Entry Strategy & Execution

For companies that are serious about successfully entering the Chinese nuclear industry, Nicobar Group's consulting services provide an experienced and stable point of entry. With over 10 years of experience in China, we know that the engine of continued success is a robust, pragmatic, and carefully considered strategy. Nicobar synthesizes market intelligence from an array of in-country sources, performs a targeted analysis that drives the development of a customized market-entry strategy built around our clients’ commercial objectives and technology. The final result is a measured and strategic launch into the Chinese market that reaps the all the rewards of a "soft landing" on the ground here.   Learn more

Market Intelligence & Analysis

The Chinese nuclear market is dynamic with many market actors. It’s important to keep abreast of the latest information and trends as they develop in order to access new commercial opportunities. For companies that have already achieved commercial success in China nuclear, Nicobar provides valuable market insight and intelligence, allowing clearer vision of the competition and market landscape. Nicobar keeps our clients ahead of the curve by aligning their strategies with the evolving, technology-specific localization directives that emanate from the central authorities.  Learn more

Commercial Leadership

Nicobar drives commercial discussions with all Chinese nuclear state-owned enterprises on behalf of our clients. Commercial decision-making in China is at times opaque. Nicobar ensures that our clients deliver their message with impact and clarity and provide a high-resolution view of the underlying needs and pain-points of their potential Chinese customers.  Learn more

Technical Business Development

The commercial outlook for nuclear companies competing in China hinge on a variety of factors, but the successful companies tend to possess strong technology, a substantial commercial track record, and deep industry expertise. Nicobar works with our clients’ commercial and technology leadership teams to develop and execute technical business development programs that project the company’s strengths with maximum impact in order to unlock broader and more attractive opportunities. The Chinese nuclear market is significantly different from Western markets.  In this environment, it is imperative that a company’s value proposition is fully understood by the Chinese marketplace.  Learn more

On-the-Ground Support

For companies that value having experienced and trusted bilingual personnel on the mainland, Nicobar is a portal to manage your China nuclear efforts efficiently and professionally while avoiding miscommunications or time-consuming missteps. Nicobar is located in Shanghai and has a broad and evolved network reaching throughout China. Our clients count on Nicobar Group as their trusted team on the ground supporting the successful development and execution of their strategic, commercial, and tactical goals.  Learn more