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China Nuclear News Weekly Roundup - 08/26 -09/01

World’s First AP1000 Unit Approved for First Refueling

According to an announcement from China Nuclear North Nuclear Fuel Components Co., Ltd., China’s AP1000 at Sanmen unit 1 is ready for its first refueling, with the preparation of its 64 fuel assemblies now underway at domestic production facilities. From its establishment to today’s formal fuel production, the AP1000 nuclear fuel assembly line has been in operation for 11 years.

Production of Sanmen Unit 1’s first refueling load was completed in December 2016, was formally accepted on site without issue in April 2019, and was introduced into containment finally 2 months later. This first fuel change will employ domestically designed storage in shipping the spent fuel; however, issues were discovered with the casks on site, upon which all involved stakeholders conducted various tests to identify the issue and its root cause, and developed a corresponding resolution plan. Through over two months of repair and qualification testing, a simulated shipment test was successfully conducted, clearing the refueling process for continuation.

Ministry of Ecology and Environment: Changjiang NPP Approved to Extend Refueling Period to 18 Months

The Ministry of Ecology and Environment recently issued an announcement approving the environmental impact assessment documents for construction projects to begin on August 22, 2019 on Units 1 and 2 of Hainan Changjiang Nuclear Power Plant. The project is intended to improve the core fuel management strategy, allowing for an additional 6 months between refueling – thus extending the refueling period from 12 months to 18 months.

China’s First Domestic Nuclear Heating Project to be Completed by the End of the Year, with Batch Deployments to Follow

"According to the project plan, Haiyang Nuclear Power will be able to provide 700,000 square meters of heat to the surrounding areas beginning in December this year, and meet the heating demand in Haiyang City in 2021, so as to expand the application of nuclear energy." Zheng Mingguang, chief designer of State Power Investment Corporation’s CAP1400, introduced to reporters at a recent conference organized by SASAC of the State Council.

Commencement of the Haiyang Heating Project at the end of this year represents an important milestone in SPIC’s industrial development strategy. As early as July 5, last year, SPIC established a nuclear heating industry alliance in Harbin, thereby consolidating state owned resources and domestic production capacity towards developing safe and efficient nuclear heating technology for the first market application case in China.

Ningde Unit 1 Experiences Level 1 Operational Incident

On July 8, 2019, Fujian Ningde Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. notified the NNSA of a class 1 operation incident at Unit 1 of Ningde NPP. Although the incident had no actual nuclear safety consequences, similar problems may exist in other power plants and can be avoided through research and root cause analysis. From July 9 to 12, NNSA experts convened at Ningde NPP to conduct an independent investigation and evaluation of the incident.

According to the investigation, the cause of this incident is simultaneous failure of the Plant Water System (SEC) pump motor insulator and power supply switch fuse. Because the incident has a common cause failure with another abnormal occurrence of Unit 1 on the same night, the power plant has declared the event to be a Level 1 Operational Incident in accordance with standard international nuclear classification of nuclear events.

 In addition, as this incident involves material and component failure of motorized equipment of a single batch, the resolution and deposition process of the incident will be more complex. Close attention will be paid to the manufacture and maintenance of related equipment and the operation of other NPPs equipment from the same batch.

Fuqing Unit 6’s All Heavy Equipment Installation in Place

On August 27, Fuqing Unit 6s pressurizer was installed on its vertical supports, with installation and welding of flex piping starting thereafter. This installation milestone marks complete installation of all heavy equipment inside the nuclear island of China’s first HPR1000.

Quality Assurance Manual for Zhangzhou Phase 1 Approved

Recently, the State Nuclear Safety Administration issued a circular on approval of the Quality Assurance Manual, applicable to the Design and Construction Stages of the plant (not operations) for Units 1 and 2 of Zhangzhou NPP Nuclear Power Plant in Fujian Province.