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China Nuclear News Weekly Roundup - April - July

SEC-KSB Finishes Verification Tests for CAP1400’s Prototype Wet Winding Motor RCP

On July 15th, Shanghai Electric-KSB Nuclear Pumps & Valves Company finished all of its verification and dedication tests for the CAP1400’s prototype wet winding motor RCP. Test results indicated that its performance meets all design requirements and the follow-up strip inspection also proved the tests to be successful. The expert review panel officially concluded that the protype product passes the verification examination on July 31st under observation from regulatory authorities. The success marks a very important milestone for the Chinese industry since the R&D process began 8 years ago and also breaks the ‘bottleneck’ of primary equipment supply to the CAP1400 project.


Progress of HPR1000 Demo Project

July 14th witnessed a primary milestone reached by CNNC’s HPR1000 demonstration project. Concrete pouring for Fuqing Unit 5’s outer shell dome was completed, which makes its full height 73.98 meters. It paves the way for hot tests and fuel-loading in the near future.

On June 24th, Fuqing Unit 6 finished primary pipe wielding. The process lasted 162 days, making it 41 days shorter than that of Unit 5.


Yangjiang Unit 6 Begins Commercial Operation

CGN Power released a statement on July 24th, announcing that Yangjiang Unit 6 had completed all required tests and began commercial operation on the same day. The power unit uses an indigenously-developed nuclear power digital control system (DCS), FirmSys, which has its first application at Yangjiang Unit 5. Yangjiang NPP now has six operational units following the milestone.  


Taishan Unit 2 Connected to External Transmission Grid

On June 26th, Taishan Unit 2, the world’s second EPR unit, was connected to the external transmission grid and began generating power. Taishan Unit 2 had its FCD in 2010 and was the fourth EPR unit being constructed in the world. Following the commercial operation of Taishan Unit 1 in last December, grid connection of Unit 2 marks one of the final steps of the completion of the first phase of the project.


NEA: Rongcheng, Zhangzhou, & Taipingling NPP Projects Permitted 

A NEA press conference on July 25th provided insights into the status of China’s planned nuclear newbuilds. Mr. Li Fulong, Chief of NEA’s Development and Planning Department told the press that three NPP projects, namely Rongcheng NPP in Shangdong Province, Zhangzhou NPP in Fujian, and Taipingling in Guangdong, had received project approval towards the end of June. Despite a planned FCD on July 30th for Zhangzhou project released earlier this year, their official FCDs will not be released until the NNSA completes its final inspection required for the construction license. These new project approvals are the first ones in three years, since the last NPP project received approval in 2015. The four approved new builds in Zhangzhou & Taipingling will also be the first time to build an integrated version of CNNC’s and CGN’s respective HPR1000 design.


CNNC Initiates SMR Project in Hainan

China’s first SMR project is underway in Hainan, as announced by CNNC during a contract signing ceremony on July 18th. The Linglong One (玲龙一号) project will feature a single SMR unit with a 125 MW power capacity, utilizing the ACP100 integrated pressurized water design, and will be built at Changjiang NPP in Hainan Province.


CGN Power to Raise CNY 15 Billion in A-share IPO

CGN Power plans to raise CNY 15 billion through an IPO on the A-share market. The company, approved for its listing, will issue no more than 5.049 billion shares on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. 3 billion of the raised money, according to its prospectus, will be used on Yangjiang Units 5&6 and another 8 billion will be allocated to Fangchenggang Units 3&4, with the rest going towards increasing liquid capital The new shares will be available for purchase, both online and offline, on August 12th.


Radiation Safety Committee Established under China Isotope & Radiation Association

On July 9th, China Isotope & Radiation Association (CIRA) held a conference in Beijing, celebrating the establishment of the Radiation Safety Committee. The committee will assemble experts from relevant companies and organizations, involving the design, application, monitoring, and assessment of nuclear technology, and therefore build up a platform for scientific and industrial studies of radiation safety. It was also announced that Mr. Cheng Li, Deputy Chief Engineer of Nuclear & Radiation Safety Center, is to serve as Director of the Committee. Seven committee members were also elected during the conference.


Qinghai Province Releases Timetable for Nuclear Energy Deployment

Qinghai Province has recently released a notice on its plan on nuclear energy development. According to the notice, a nuclear heating demonstration project will be constructed from 2022 to 2024 with a total investment of CNY 4 billion and a nuclear power plant is scheduled to be built during 2022-2027, with a total investment of CNY 34 billion.


Gansu TMSR’s EIA Report Reviewed by MEE

The Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE) received the environmental impact assessment report of the 2MWt liquid fuel thorium molten salt experimental reactor (TMSR-LF1) project on May 24th.  The TMSR-LF1 is part of the TMSR project located at Hongshagang Industrial Concentration Zone of Minqin County, Gansu Province. A 10MWt solid fuel TMSR (TMSR-SF1) will also be built in the long term, according to the report. TMSR-LF1 began site construction in 2018 and is planned to reach first criticality in 2020.