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China Nuclear News Weekly Roundup - 04/15 -04/19

SPIC’s Nuclear Heating Demonstration Project Passes Initial Feasibility Examination

The initial feasibility examination for SPIC’s demonstration nuclear heating project in Baishan City of Jilin Province was conducted during April 15 – 17.  The expert panel found the Initial Feasibility Report acceptable, moving the project ahead into the phase of feasibility research. The demonstration project is developed by Jilin Nuclear Power Company, a subsidiary of SPIC, and the initial feasibility research was initiated since October 2018.


Primary Helium Fan of World’s First HTGR Delivered

On April 16th, the primary helium fan of the world’s first HTGR passes the delivery inspection at Shidaowan, Shandong Province, the site of the Gen IV reactor. Harbin Electric successfully developed the fan with proprietary property rights and its subsidiary Jiamusi Electric Motor Company manufactured the equipment set. The primary equipment of a Gen IV nuclear demonstration project is an equivalent of the RCP in a pressurized-water reactor, transferring the heat away from the reactor core.


Fuqing Unit 5 Ready for Cold Commissioning

Field engineers and technicians finished all the pre-commissioning installation on the midnight of April 20th – pretightening of primary bolts, installation of reactor internals and flow-induced vibration (FIV) sensors, as well as the RPV capping. Completion of the reactor’s installation phase is the last milestone before cold commissioning.


Yangjiang Unit 6 Passes Comprehensive Examination Before Issuing of Operation Permit

The Ministry of Ecology and Environment has recently released the Comprehensive Examination Report of Yangjiang Unit 6’s prior to issuing its operations permit. According to the report, the NNSA inspected Yangjiang Nuclear Power Company, owner of the nuclear unit, from April 1st – 4th and found that all the nuclear safety-related activities are under control. Yangjiang Unit 6 finished loaded commissioning on February 23rd and it’s expected to begin commercial operation in the second half of this year.