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China Nuclear News Weekly Roundup - 04/06 -04/12

Progress of HPR1000 Demonstration Project

Third Motor of Fuqing Unit 5’s RCP Finishes Coasting Test – On the evening of April 8th, no-load commissioning of all three RCP motors finished as the third motor completed its coasting test. The tasks were accomplished ahead of schedule, which lays a solid foundation for cold testing.

Commissioning Program Permitted by NNSA – The NNSA recently released a notice, stating Fuqing NPP’s application for review of its commissioning program for of Fuqing Units 5&6 was received. The NNSA has found the commissioning program to be acceptable, thus approving the application. The NPP must adhere strictly to the program during commissioning and report to the NNSA and the Eastern Regional Office of Nuclear and Radiation Safety Inspection Center if any major abnormity.


NNSA Issues Operation Permits for Taishan Units 1&2

The NNSA issued operation permits for Taishan Units 1&2, allowing forty years of operation of the two EPR units. In addition to regular terms and clauses, the Permits specifically indicate that Taishan Nuclear JV is obligated to develop an effective online inspection method for the RPV heads ASAP and submit it for NNSA’s review. Should the NPP operator fail to develop such method, or an unfavorable result is shown from future inspection, the RPV heads would not be allowed to operate after the end of April 2025. The special requirement is a response to the unsolved issue of carbon content in the RPV heads exceeding the standard amount.


Cooperative Development Agreement Signed in Baotou City for Nuclear Heating Project

Last month, the Cooperative Development Agreement on Nuclear Heating Project and Application of Nuclear Technology in Baotou City was signed between the Administration Committee of Baotou Equipment Manufacturing Industry Park and Qidi Xinhe (Beijing) Energy Technology Company. The developer also signed a procurement MOU with CNNC Northern Nuclear Fuel Element Company for future supply of nuclear fuel. According to the framework agreement, the concerned parties will establish a Baotou City Nuclear Heating Project Holding Company to build a pool-style low-temperature reactor in the city to meet the heating demand of the Industry Park and beyond.


Contract Signed for Joint Development of CFR600 Fast Reactor Key Equipment

The China Institute of Atomic Energy (CIAE) has recently signed a contract with Dongfang Electric for joint construction design and equipment procurement of the four major heat exchangers of the DRF600 demonstration fast reactor. The agreement signifies the completion of the development of the heat exchangers and the project is now in the phase of construction designing for the key equipment.

The CFR600 project uses the Gen IV sodium-cooled fast neutron breeding technology and the demo project has been jointly developed by Dongfang Electric and CIAE since 2010. Other than the development of heat exchangers, the equipment manufacturer also holds a supply contract for its steam generator.