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China Nuclear News Weekly Roundup – 02/23 - 03/03

Secondary Coolant System Cleaning Completed at Fuqing Unit 5

Cleaning of Fuqing Unit 5’s secondary coolant system (secondary circuit) was completed on Saturday evening, March 3rd, 2019. The cleaning involves an open-circuit flushing phase and a closed-circuit flushing phase, both aiming to clean the secondary coolant water pipes in the conventional and nuclear islands. Field engineers and technicians spent three days and two nights on the task. The milestone paves the way for subsequent work like joint hydraulic testing of the secondary coolant system and cold test.


Primary Pipe Wielding Finished at K3, 7 Months Ahead of Schedule

On March 2nd (local time), the primary pipe wielding of Karachi Unit 3, the HPR1000 in Pakistan, was completed seven months ahead of schedule. The wielding is part of the “pre-introduction” method, which means that the primary equipment – RPV, steam generator, and primary pipe – is installed before the attachment of the dome. Given the lessons learned from the same type of work done at K2, the wielding process was able to be shortened by 41 days for K3. At this point, all parts of primary equipment have been installed inside the reactor building.


First Steam Generator and Generator Stator in Place at Tianwan Unit 6

On the morning of February 24th, the generator stator of Tianwan Unit 6 was lifted onto the 8.5m platform inside the conventional island. This secondary milestone was reached 19 days ahead of schedule and lays the foundation for subsequent work of installation.  

On the following day, Unit 6’s first steam generator was delivered to site and hoisted onto the 20m platform inside the reactor building. After the SG was seated on the platform at 6:47 P.M., the installation of Unit 6’s primary equipment was then formally initiated.