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China Nuclear News Weekly Roundup – 01/28 - 02/01

Second Steam Generator Installed at Fuqing Unit 6

On the afternoon of January 30th, the second steam generator of Fuqing Unit 6, an HPR1000 demonstration unit, was successfully installed. The installation took ten days from when the steam generator was pulled onto the 16.5m platform inside the reactor building on January 20th. The achieved milestone paves the way for welding the primary piping of the secondary coolant system.  


Reactor Internals Installed at K2

Karachi Unit 2, the HPR1000 reactor in Pakistan, had its reactor internals installed on January 28th (local time), 35 days ahead of schedule. The next milestone will be reached after completing cold testing.


CNNC Signs Contract with Rosatom on Tianwan Units 7&8 Purchase

On January 31st, the CNNP board of directors announced that a contract had been signed with ASE (Joint Stock Company Atomstroyexport, a key foreign trade engineering company of Rosatom) on the purchase of two VVER-1200/V491 reactors for Tianwan Units 7&8, with a total price of USD 1.702 billion. According to the contract, the new builds will each have a rated power output of 3212MWt and a design life of 60 years. Unit 8’s FCD will be 10 months later than Unit 7’s, with construction of a single unit expected to last 65 months. The reference reactor for these new builds is Unit 1 of the Leningrad NPP phase II project, which started commercial operation in October 2018. ASE will design the nuclear islands as well as supply 14 sets of primary equipment, including the RPVs, steam generators, RCPs, primary pipes, etc. The Chinese side will administrate the design, construction, and equipment supply of the conventional islands and BOP. The planned FCDs for the two units are May 2021 and March 2022 respectively.