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China Nuclear News Weekly Roundup – 01/12 - 01/18

CNNC & CGN Each Applying to Build Two More HPR1000 Units

CNNC is now applying for units 1&2 of its Zhangzhou NPP project to use the HPR1000 reactor design, while CGN is doing the same for its Taipingling NPP project. The new reactor design being used will be different from those of the demonstration units in Fangchenggang and Fuqing, as it will be the integrated version of CGN and CNNC’s respective HPR1000 designs. Industry insiders believe that 4-6 planned NPP units may receive approval for construction in the near future, though the process will still be prolonged for some time.


Pressurizer of Pakistan’s Karachi Unit 2 Installed

On January 10, 2019, the pressurizer of Karachi Unit 2 (K2), a Chinese-constructed HPR1000 unit, was successfully installed. The pressurizer weighs 104 tons and has a height of 13.8 meters. It was hoisted from the ground at 9:37 a.m. (local time) and was set into place at 4:58 p.m. At this point, K2 is in its installation phase and all of its major milestones have been reached on time or ahead of time.


Hongyanhe Unit 5 Finishes Primary Equipment Installation

According to Mr. Yan Shu, representative for Hongyanhe NPP, Unit 5 has finished installation of its primary equipment in the nuclear island and is now proceeding to install the security system and ancillary system. Hongyanhe 5 uses a Chinese 2G+ ACPR1000 reactor design.


SPIC Holds Conference To Discuss Two Designs for Nuclear Heating Project

From January 10 to 11, SPIC held a project promotion meeting at SNERDI for its nuclear heating demonstration project. Two designs of the demo project, an integrated multi-functional heating reactor and the HAPPY200 reactor design were discussed and compared. Initial findings showed that the two designs have quite different features and different technical or economic advantages. A final plan has not yet been chosen and the conference concluded that both plans need to be further developed and tailored towards market demands. The planned nuclear heating project is expected to be built in Heilongjiang Province.