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China Nuclear News Weekly Roundup – 01/05 - 01/11

Haiyang Unit 2 Begins Commercial Operation

On the afternoon of January 9th, the AP1000 at Haiyang Unit 2 completed 168 consecutive hours of operation at full power to fulfil the definition of having formally begun commercial operation. It is also the first Chinese nuclear power unit to reach this primary milestone in the year of 2019 and becomes the 46th operational unit. With its 1025 MWe of power added, China’s installed nuclear power capacity now exceeds 45 MWe. Haiyang Unit 2 is the fourth AP1000 to begin operation in the world, and the last unit from the first batch of Chinese AP1000 construction begun in 2008/2009.


Progress of HPR1000 Units Under Construction:

Fuqing Unit 5 – On January 5th, the third set of hydraulic equipment for Fuqing Unit 5’s RCP was transferred to the nuclear island. This last piece of equipment comprises the last piece of the RCP’s components, which accounted for more than 150 boxes that have been delivered to site. With this, construction of Fuqing Unit 5’s NI now proceeds to the installation stage.

Fuqing Unit 6 – On the afternoon of January 12th, the first steam generator of Fuqing Unit 6 was successfully installed, paving the way for subsequent work, like primary pipe welding. The steam generator took about twenty days to install since it was first pulled into onto the 16.5 m high platform of the reactor building on December 23rd, 2018.