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China Nuclear News Weekly Roundup – 08/27 - 08/31

Tianwan Unit 4 Completes First Fuel-loading

On August 25th, Tianwan Unit 4 began loading its first fuel assemblies at 7:15 p.m. and completed the fuel-load yesterday, September 2nd. Tianwan Unit 4 uses the VVER-1000/428 reactor design and is the second of such units   at the Tianwan Phase II site. Completion of Unit 4’s fuel-load is the latest important primary milestone reached following Unit 3’s commercial operation in March 2018.  


China Energy Engineering Corporation Subsidiary Wins Bid for Fuqing Units 5&6’s Conventional Island (CI) Maintenance  

On August 29th, China Energy Engineering Corporation’s Anhui No.2 Electric Power Construction Company won the bid for Fuqing Units 5&6’s CI maintenance. The company previously completed projects during daily operation and outage for Fuqing NPP’s NI maintenance, Tianwan NPP’s CI maintenance, as well as maintenance during Qinshan Phase III’s Unit 2 outage.    


CNNC Signs Contract with CNPE for the K2/K3 Commissioning with a CNY 450 Million Budget

On August 24th, CNNC signed a contract with CNPE for the joint commissioning of K2 & K3 project with a budget of CNY 450 million. The contract is the single largest ever to be signed by CNNC. The project will be an opportunity for CNNC to involve subsidiaries like CNPE and Fuqing Nuclear Power Company to further establish a platform within the group company for professional technical services.  


SPIC Develops Large-bore Seamless Super Austenitic Stainless-steel Pipe Used in NPPs’ Seawater Cooling System

On August 29th, SPIC Central Research Institute’s “Manufacturing Technology of Large-bore Seamless Super Austenitic Stainless-steel Pipe for NPPs’ Seawater Cooling System Project” passed the S&T Achievements Appraisal as required by the Ministry of Science and Technology’s relevant policies. The appraisal was organized by China Machinery Industry Federation (CMIF) and the expert panel consists of industry experts from CMIF, Nuclear Safety and Radiation Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE, former MEP), State Nuclear Power Demonstration Plant Company, etc.


Indonesia’s National Atomic Energy Agency (Batan) Signs Agreement with Tsinghua University to Cooperate on Civil Nuclear Technology HR Capacity Building

On August 29, Geni Rina Sunaryo, Director Batan's Nuclear Reactor Technology and Safety Centre, and Yuliang Sun, Deputy Director of Tsinghua University's Institute for Nuclear and New Energy Technology (INET) signed the cooperation agreement in Beijing. The cooperation will build upon previous collaboration on their China-Indonesia Joint Laboratory project for development of HTGR technology. The project’s focus on building HR capacity will nurture local talent for operation of Indonesia’s Experimental Power Reactor, an indigenous 10 MWt SMR.


Pre-FCD Peer-review & Project Procedure Evaluation Conference for CAP1400 Completed in Rongcheng

On September 01, the pre-FCD peer-review and project procedure evaluation conference for CAP1400 was successfully concluded. CANE organized the one-week conference in Rongcheng, Shandong Province, where the Shidaowan NPP site locates in. During the conference, 27 experts discussed comprehensive evaluation of the CAP1400 project’s design management, planned project management, procurement and contract management, quality assurance, process management, cost and risk management, etc. Among other topics, potential risks of the demonstration project’s digital control system (DCS) and reactor coolant pump (RCP) supply is a focus of the discussion. The conference paves the way for clearing future risks once the project pours its first barrel of NI concrete.