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China Nuclear News Weekly Roundup – 09/10 - 09/14

Seawater Introduced into Fuqing Unit 5’s Pump House

On the afternoon of September 11th, seawater was introduced into the pump house as Fuqing Unit 5’s inlet steel gate was lifted. The milestone was reached ahead of schedule and paves the way for subsequent work like nuclear circuit cleaning and cold testing.


Progress on Pakistani HPR1000 Units

On September 5th, Karachi Unit 2’s reactor internals were successfully installed; on September 11th, 196 sets of AC/DC low voltage switch cabinets for K2/K3 passed inspection and were shipped from Shanghai Regeon Electric Co., Ltd. to construction site in Pakistan.


Rosatom GM: Tianwan Unit 4 Should Begin Generating Electricity Before March 2019

Mr. Alexey Likhachev, General Manager of Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation has recently shared that Tianwan Unit 4, the VVER-1000 unit in China, is projected to begin operation before March 2019. The NPP project is the single largest ever economic cooperation project between Russia and China and it’s constructed by a joint force of Jiangsu Nuclear Power Company and Atomstroyexport, Russia’s primary nuclear power equipment and service exporter.


1st Nuclear Industry Digital Supply Chain Summit (NIDSC) Held in Haiyan

The 1st Nuclear Industry Digital Supply Chain Summit (NIDSC) was held in Haiyan, where Qinshan NPP is located, from September 13th to 14th. The conference is aimed to bridge international and Chinese local civil nuclear industries, as well as the upstream and downstream companies.  


Atomic Energy Law Designated Among China’s Priority Legislation Plans

The 13th National People’s Congress (NPC, China’s national legislature) Standing Committee released a legislation plan on September 7th. 69 of the 116 listed bills are categorized as priority projects, which are projected to have final proposals generated before the end of the 13th NPC’s term of office. The Atomic Energy Law is among the list of 69.


CNNC’s Self-Developed Full-Scope Simulator for HPR1000 Delivered

On September 14th, CNNC’s self-developed full-scope simulator for HPR1000 passed final inspection and was delivered 115 days ahead of schedule. The simulator will be used for NPP operator training for Fuqing Units 5&6, as well as Karachi Units 2&3. The completion of the project also lays a foundation for future exports of HPR1000.