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China Nuclear News Weekly Roundup – 08/20 - 08/24

Sanmen Unit 2 Connects to the Grid

At 17:22 on August 24th, 2018, Sanmen Unit 2, the world’s second AP1000 civil nuclear reactor, was connected to the external transmission grid and began supplying electricity at the 76MW power level.


PaR-TZ Nuclear Company Wins Contract to Provide Outage Services to Fuqing Units 1-4

PaR-TZ Nuclear Co., LTD. (太重派尔) signed a contract with Fuqing NPP in June 2018, to provide 12 scopes of outage services to Fuqing Units 1-4 over the next 5 years. PaR-TZ is a joint venture established by Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Group Company (49% ownership) and Westinghouse Electric UK (51%). It manufactures and sells fuel handling equipment in the Chinese nuclear market and supplies related services as well as spare parts. PaR-TZ has been working with Shanghai Electric’s No.1 Machine Tool Works and has supplied technology services to Fuqing NPP through the partner plant. Fuqing NPP bought its refuel equipment from Shanghai No.1 Machine Tool Works, which employs a Westinghouse-developed control system. Fuqing Unit 4 is undergoing its first outage at the moment, and PaR-TZ has provided a technology training session to the NPP to accommodate outage-related training needs.


Karachi Unit 3’s First Steam Generator Successfully Mounted

On August 18th, Karachi Unit 3’s first steam generator was successfully mounted. The “pre-introduction” installation method was once again used to mount the equipment before the NI dome was attached – this method’s second application after being employed for the first time at the K2 project. During the installation process, field engineers of China Zhongyuan Foreign Engineering Company also utilized a new equipment rotation method that makes use of an “e-shape support.”


Fuqing Unit 6’s Ring Crane Cleared for Use 10 Days Ahead of Schedule

At 11:08 A.M. of August 21st, Fuqing Unit 6’s ring crane finished its load testing and is now available for site use a full ten days ahead of schedule.


The SNERDI-led “Post-accident Core Damage Evaluation and Source Term Study” Passes NNSA Evaluation  

On August 14th and 15th, the NNSA organized an evaluation conference to examine the SNERDI-led “Post-accident Core Damage Evaluation and Source Term Study (事故后堆芯损伤评价及源项研究)”, a CAP1400 & HTGR National Key Research Project study, which was initiated in January 2013. It is aimed at developing a post-accident evaluation procedure and source term inversion procedure so damage conditions can be determined based on signs of core damage. The expert panel consisting of experts from 15 companies and organizations, including the EEP’s Nuclear and Radiation Safety Center, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics, NPIC, China Nuclear Power Technology Research Institute, found the study results satisfies contract requirements and concluded that it passed the evaluation.