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China Nuclear News Weekly Roundup - 08/13 - 08/17

Three Primary Milestones Achieved

Sanmen Unit 1 reached full power on August 14th; on the morning of August 17th, Haiyang Unit 1 achieved first grid connection; two hours later at 12:07, Sanmen Unit 2 reached first criticality.


Zhangzhou NPP Initiates Equipment Procurement Project

Zhangzhou NPP held a personnel meeting on August 9th, initiating its equipment procurement project.


CAP1400 & HTGR Key National Research Projects Continue to Progress

The NNSA held an assessment meeting from August 8th to 9th to evaluate SNERDI’s “design simulation and analytical evaluation platform (设计仿真与分析评价平台)”, a software-based simulation platform for the HTGR, in which the project received a “pass”. Similarly, SNPTC finished another project entitled “study of the key technology of the passive and permanent containment heat removal system (核电厂安全壳内热量无时限非能动导出系统关键技术研究)” as it relates to the CAP1400 demo. This project also passed its acceptance evaluation upon conclusion of the inspection meeting on August 14th.


CNPEC Supplies Designs for the ITER Project’s Vapor Suppression Tanks (VST)

On August 9th, China Nuclear Power Engineering Company (CNPEC), CGN’s EPC branch, delivered the vapor suppression tanks (VST) designs for the ITER located in Provence, France.


Turkey is Building its Third NPP with China’s Help

A third nuclear power plant is likely to be built in Thrace, northwestern Turkey, according to an announcement from Fatih Donmez, the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources. Donmez also said that Turkey will cooperate with China for this project, and the eventual site selection will be announced following site surveys.