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China Nuclear News Weekly Roundup - 07/23 - 07/27

Curtailment of Nuclear Power Eased – CGN’s 21 Units Now Operating at Full Capacity

Dispatch of nuclear power in some regions of China has faced barriers in recent years due to low electricity demand. CGN recently announced that curtailment of its nuclear power has been eased as of this year. With Fangchenggang Unit 1’s increase of operating capacity to 100%, CGN’s 21 operational units are now all operating at full capacity for the first time.


CNNC Bought RMB 1.34 Billion Worth of Land in Tianjin for the Planned University of China Nuclear Industry

On the morning of July 25th, CNNC bought a piece of land in Tianjin’s Binhai New District for RNB 1.34 billion. 61% of the 507,100m2 land will be used to build an education complex and research facilities to eventually become the University of China Nuclear Industry. CNNC has committed to invest at least RMB 1.5 billion in construction costs and, according to a contract signed with the local government, will then transfer pre-agreed facilities to entities assigned by the local administrative committee.


China to Establish Electricity Trade Market for Nuclear and Hydro Power

The NDRC released a notice on July 18th directing the advancement of electricity market reform and the opening of an electricity trade market for clean energy like hydro power and nuclear power. The notice mandates increased participation from coal-fired power plants in the power trade market (with the eventual goal of total participation), encourages hydro power to participate in the free-market trade, and encourages local authorities and transmission companies to remove cross-regional power trade barriers. Regarding nuclear power, the NDRC states that “with nuclear safety in mind, nuclear power should be steadily and increasingly included into the power trade market and be encouraged to generate more electricity by taking part in the trade.”


Fuqing Unit 6’s Second “ZH-65” Steam Generator Has Passed Pre-shipping Inspection

Fuqing Unit 6’s second ZH-65 type steam generator has recently passed the pre-shipping inspection at Dongfang Electric’s plant in Guangzhou. The steam generator is designed and developed by NPIC, and representatives from NPIC and Fuqing Nuclear Power Company joined in conducting the inspection.


Tianwan Unit 5’s Steam Generator Shipped to Site

Tianwan Unit 5’s first steam generator was shipped from Shanghai Electric on July 25th. The steam generator is designed and procured by NPIC and manufactured by Shanghai Electric’s Representatives from Jiangsu Nuclear Power Company, CNPE, and NPIC witnessed the shipping moment.


Zhangzhou Units 1&2’s RCP “Sandbox Demonstration” Held in Shanghai

CNNP Zhangzhou Power Co., Ltd., CNPE, NPIC, and SEC-KSB conducted a joint two-day “sandbox demonstration” spanning from July 19th to the 20th to outline strategic design & manufacturing implementation plans for its reactor coolant pumps to be installed at Zhangzhou NPP units 1&2.  The “sandbox demonstration”, which was overseen and supervised by Qian Weidong, Deputy General Manager of SEC-KSB, essentially consisted of a series of presentations using PowerPoint and other digital graphic aids. Leaders and representatives from several other companies including project owners from Hainan (Changjiang NPP) and Qingshan (Qingshan NPP), as well as representatives from CNPEC, SNPEC, and various experts from Harbin Electric Co. attended the presentation. SEC-KSB responded to and successfully defended items within its proposal against critiques from the group of experts hailing from Harbin Electric Co., resulting in positive and valuable feedback and critiques from the group. The success of the meeting adds additional assurance of the timely completion of the Zhangzhou phase 1 NPP project.