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Nuclear News Weekly Roundup - 06/11 - 06/15

Primary Beam of Karachi Unit 3’s Ring Crane Installed

On the afternoon of June 8th, the primary beam of Karachi Unit 3’s ring crane was hoisted up and successfully lowered on the ring rail at the top of the containment building. All components of the primary beam are assembled on the ground prior to and the beam is installed as one piece. The installation technology is the same used for K2 ring crane’s primary beam. 


Tianwan Unit 5’s Containment Dome Attached

On June 10th, Tianwan Unit 5’s containment dome is successfully installed.


Tianwan Unit 3’s Tariff Released: 0.401 Yuan/kWh

The Jiangsu Province Bureau of Price recently announced that based on relevant NDRC policies, the ad hoc tariff for electricity generated by Tianwan Unit 3 is 0.401 Yuan/kWh, lower than the 0.43 national benchmark. According to the 2013 NDRC policy, the national benchmark price for nuclear power generated electricity is 0.43 Yuan/kWh. In those provinces where the coal powered benchmark prices are lower than 0.43 Yuan, nuclear tariff should adjust to the coal prices; in provinces where local coal powered electricity prices are higher than the nuclear benchmark, demonstration nuclear projects may raise their tariffs upon NDRC assessment. Tianwan Unit 3 uses a VVER V428M reactor design, which is Gen II plus technology. Thus, the unit can’t be a demonstration project.


Shielding Castle of Fuqing Units 5 & 6’s RCP Hydraulic Components Passed Pre-Shipping Inspection

The shielding castle of Fuqing Units 5 & 6’s RCP hydraulic components have recently passed pre-shipping inspection recently. The shielding castle is produced by China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) 719 Institute’s Haiwang Renewable Company and will be shipped to the Fuqing NPP site soon.


Progress on 3D Printing Technology for Small Lead-based Reactor Manufacturing

The FDS Fenglin Nuclear Energy Team at the Institute of Nuclear Energy Safety Technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences have recently realized the manufacturing of Small Lead-based Reactor’s integrated tube bundles via 3D printing. The integrated tube bundles is a core component of the Small Lead-based Reactor. It requires sophisticated technology to meet its high requirements for wielding and configuration, given its condensed compact structure.


China Building a Nuclear Industry University

On June 15th, Tianjin municipal government and the CNNC singed a framework agreement on building a university dedicated to nuclear industry in Tianjin city. The university is tentatively named as China Nuclear Industry University and it may follow the model of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.