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Nuclear News Weekly Roundup - 04/30 - 05/04

Tianwan Unit 6’s Containment Dome Attached 26 Days Ahead of Schedule

On the afternoon of May 5th, Tianwan Unit 6’s containment dome was attached to the reactor building, 26 days ahead of schedule. It has taken field workers just 20 months since FCD. Next, key equipment inside the nuclear island will be installed. The reactor model at Tianwan 6 is a Gen II plus Chinese-designed CPR1000.


China Energy Research Society’s Nuclear Specialized Committee Formed in Suzhou

On May 4th, an establishment conference for the newly formed Nuclear Specialized Committee of the China Energy Research Society (CERS) was held in Suzhou, which was also the opening ceremony of the Future of Nuclear Power Development forum. Suzhou Nuclear Power Research Institute’s (SNPI) secretariat will be the primary supporting organization of the committee, which is aimed at becoming the most influential academic organization in China nuclear policy and technology research.


Karachi Unit 2’s Reactor Internals Shipped from Shanghai

On May 2nd, the reactor internals for Karachi Unit 2 (K2), China’s first HPR1000 export to Pakistan, were shipped from Shanghai Electric’s No.1 Machine Tools Plant. It was the second batch of HPR1000 reactor internals delivered from Shanghai Electric since April 10th, when those of Fuqing Unit 5 were shipped.


Steam Generator of Hongyanhe Unit 5 Successfully Installed

Hongyanhe Unit 5’s steam generator was shipped to site on April 23rd and was successfully installed last week. The steam generator has a length of 21 meters and a diameter of 4.4 meters. It weighs 336 tons.