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Nuclear News Weekly Roundup - 04/23 - 04/29

Sanmen Unit 1 Finished Its First Fuel-loading

On April 25th, the long-lasting uncertainty around the AP1000 at Sanmen was brought to an end: the NNSA decided that Sanmen Unit 1 is qualified in all aspects of design, equipment, construction and installation, commissioning, pre-operation preparation and can proceed to fuel-loading. Mr. Liu Hua, Director of the NNSA and Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (formerly the MEP), issued approval for Sanmen Nuclear Power Company to begin loading first fuel for Sanmen Unit 1. At 7:46 p.m., the first fuel bundle was carefully loaded, and on the afternoon of April 29th, the last of the 157 fuel bundles were placed in the reactor core and Sanmen Unit 1’s first fuel-loading was completed successfully.

 The milestone represents one of the key finals steps towards grid connection for the world’s first AP1000 unit, and by extension one of China’s final hurdles to releasing its next wave of pre-approved Gen III projects, opening the path for a period rapid growth in China nuclear.

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Yangjiang Unit 5 Received Approval for Fuel-loading

On April 17th, 2018, Yangjiang Unit 5 received its approval for the first fuel-load from the NNSA. Yangjiang Unit 5 poured its first concrete on September 18th, 2013. Its reactor design is ACPR1000+, CGN’s Gen II plus technology. Yangjiang Units 1-4 started commercial operation on March 25th, 2014; June 5th, 2015; January 1st, 2016; and March 15th, 2017 respectively.

Fangchenggang Unit 5’s All 6 Safety Injection Tanks Shipped to Site  

On April 18th, the last of Fangchenggang Unit 5’s 6 safety injection tanks was shipped from Dongfang Industrial Boiler Group. The safety injection tank is an important part of the Safety Injection System. The tank contains boric acid maintained in reserve during normal operation, with its upper part filled with pressurized nitrogen. When the pressure in the primary coolant system drops below that of the safety injection tanks, boric acid will be automatically released into the system, driven by the pressure differential with the pressurized nitrogen, in order to arrest the nuclear reaction and assist in cooling the reactor core.

Hongyanhe Unit 5’s Steam Generator Shipped to Site

On April 23rd, Hongyanhe Unit 5’s first steam generator was shipped to site from China First Heavy Industries (DFHI) Dalian Nuclear Power Petrochemical Company in Dalian. The steam generator has a height of almost 21 meters and a weight of more than 300 tons. It arrived the NPP the same day. Hongyanhe Unit 5 has two more steam generators which will also be manufactured by DFHI. As most of the nuclear island’s key equipment is now delivered on site, Unit 5 is entering the apex of its installation period.


Progress of Karachi Unit 3: Ring Crane Mounted and Rotor Manufactured

On the morning of April 25th, local time, Karachi Unit 3, China’s HPR1000 export to Pakistan, had its ring crane girder and rail mounted. Meanwhile, its welded rotor, the largest nuclear power welded rotor in the world, has been recently finished processing at Shanghai Electric Lingang Heavy Machinery Company. The rotor will be shipped from Shanghai to Pakistan soon.