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Nuclear News Weekly Roundup – 02/25 - 03/04

CNNC Annual Performance Meeting: More Emphasis on Marine Nuclear Projects, Sanmen Unit 1 Grid Connection Pushed to Fall 2018

At a recently-held CNNC annual performance meeting, which also introduced targets for 2018, CNNC stated that its marine nuclear projects will receive more future support. Marine development is currently a part of national strategy planning, and China now has a firm grasp on marine nuclear technology. CNNC will start work on two related items: 1) a proposal to build nuclear powered icebreaker ships for arctic exploration purposes, and 2) a separate proposal to bolster nuclear power-based applications in coastal and island locations, such as those used for heating, gas, and water. In response to Sanmen Unit 1’s progress, CNNC said that the Chinese government is being extremely cautious with the decision to allow fuel-loading as it is the world’s first AP1000 unit. Sanmen Unit 1 is expected to undergo many more rounds of testing and experimentation after the fuel load. Grid connection is projected to be accomplished by fall 2018 or in early 2019. 


SPIC Approved to Compile the New IEC 63186 Standards on NPP Seismic Outage System Design

Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute (SNERDI), the R&D subsidiary of SPIC, was recently approved to compile the new International Electrotechnical Commission’s 63186 NPP Standards – Important Safety Instrumentation and Control Systems – Seismic Outage System Design Recommendations. Contributing to the international standards of the ISO and IEC is a significant breakthrough for the Chinese nuclear industry. It also marks the Chinese nuclear industry’s switch from being a mere follower in this field to becoming a leader.


Jiangsu ENTC Nuclear Technology Won the Bid to Supply Taishan Unit 2’s NI Mechanical Seal Materials

Jiangsu ENTC Nuclear Technology announced recently that it won both first and second section project bids to supply mechanical seal materials for the nuclear island (NI) of Taishan Unit 2. The contract is with Taishan Nuclear Power Joint Venture Company, Taishan NPP’s operation and management (O&M) company co-invested by CGN, EDF, and Guangdong YUDEAN Group. This was also the first bid of its type (large displacement piping for the biological shield) to be fully localized, signaling the end of only foreign companies dominating this area of the market.


Hongyanhe NPP’s Active Radiation Monitoring System Passes NNSA Inspection

On February 26th, the Northeast Nuclear and Radiation Inspection Station of the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) held an examination conference for Hongyanhe NPP’s active radiation monitoring system on behalf of the NNSA. The inspection group conducted a comprehensive examination by reviewing documents, holding site surveys, reviewing items monitored, and interviewing NPP staff. The conference concluded with the active radiation monitoring system passing the inspection and receiving the greenlight to begin operation.


Fuqing Unit 5 & 6 Had a Successful First Backfeeding

On March 2nd, CNNC’s HPR1000 demonstration project, Fuqing Unit 5 & 6 underwent a successful first-time 220 kV backfeeding. This has set the stage for subsequent installation and commissioning work. Power backfeeding is usually needed during the later stages of power station construction when consuming large amounts of power prior to power generation.