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Nuclear News Weekly Roundup - 03/19 - 03/23

Hongyanhe Unit 5 RPV Delivered to Site

On March 22nd, Hongyanhe Unit 5’s reactor pressure vessel (RPV) became the first primary equipment delivered to the construction site. This marks the beginning of the peak NI equipment installation period for Hongyanhe phase II. The RPV is one of the most important components within the NI. Occupying the center of the containment building, the RPV has a height of 13 meters, a diameter of 4 meters, and weighs more than 300 tons. It houses many critical subcomponents needed to sustain and control nuclear fission, such as the reactor core, reactor internals, and control rods. Upon beginning operation, the RPV will withstand a pressure of 155 times earth’s atmosphere and very high temperatures – over 300 ℃.


Fuqing Unit 6’s Containment Dome Attached 10 Days Ahead of Schedule

On March 21st, ten days ahead of schedule, the containment dome for Fuqing Unit 6 (the second HPR1000 in China) was attached. The hoisting of the dome began at 6:30am using a 3200-ton crane. With a diameter of 46.8 meters, it weighs about 342 tons and also contains spray piping and a ventilation system attached inside. The dome is critical to the integrity and seal of the containment building.


CNECC Subsidiary Establishes JV in the UK

China Nuclear Industry Huaxing Construction Company, a major subsidiary of China Nuclear Engineering & Construction Group Corporation (CNECC), has established a joint venture – H&E Engineering Limited – with French partner Efinor. This is a solid achievement for the China nuclear industry’s  “going out” Initiative, which aims to grow industry exports. Huaxing and Efinor each hold 50% of H&E’s stocks. The new JV will focus on British nuclear market. On October 23rd, 2017, the two partners won the bid for Hinkley Point C’s HXA storage tanks and will closely follow HPC’s other tenders as well.


Fuqing Unit 1 Receives Top Operating Unit Score From WANO

Fuqing Unit 1’s 2017 performance received a score of “100”, the highest possible score, during a comprehensive evaluation from WANO. In 2017 CNNC had six operating units score 100, including, Tianwan Unit 2.