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Nuclear News Weekly Roundup – 03/12 - 03/16

CNNC: We’ve been Thinking about Building a Regional Headquarter in Shanghai

“We’ve been thinking about building a regional headquarter in Shanghai,” CNNC President, Wang Shoujun, told journalists in a press conference during the “two sessions.” “Shanghai is the birthplace of Chinese nuclear power. The Shanghai municipality has made enormous contributions to the Qinshan NPP. Over the years, CNNC has been working closely with Shanghai Electric. In fact, CNNC’s development is not constrained to one place. Our headquarters and some R&D institutes are located in Beijing. Next, we are looking at Shanghai as an important place of support to develop and enhance the Chinese civil nuclear industry,” said Wang.


Qinshan and Sanmen Win Zhejiang Province’s Direct Power Sales Bid

The Development and Reform Commission of Zhejiang Province has recently released the “Notice about the Bidding Results of 2018 Direct Power Sales Pilot Platform.” According to the notice, Qinshan NPP and Sanmen NPP, two power generation enterprises with priority dispatch rights, both won direct power sales bids in Zhejiang Province. Qinshan won 10.475 billion KwH while Sanmen (still under construction) won 766 million KwH.


Fuqing Unit 5 Progress: Primary Pumps Reactor Internals Pass Acceptance Inspection; RCP Started Full Flow Test

On March 10th, Harbin Electric started to conduct a full flow test for Fuqing Unit 5’s RCP. The pump will be shipped to the site after the test.


On March 15th, the reactor internals of Fuqing Unit 5, the world’s first HPR1000, passed the acceptance inspection. The reactor internals were designed by the Nuclear Power Institute of China (NPIC) and manufactured by Shanghai Electric’s Shanghai No.1 Machine Tools Plant. Reactor internals include the primary equipment for all items inside a nuclear reactor. The system supports fuel bundles while absorbing neutrons and gamma ray emitted from the core, protecting the external materials from radiation, prolonging the lifespan of a reactor.


Fuqing Unit 6: Installation of Ring Crane’s Main Beam Started; Dome Will be Attached in Late March

On March 9th, the electric primary beam of the ring crane used at Fuqing Unit 6 was hoisted into place, paving the way for subsequent installation work. The ring crane is an important hoisting equipment used for installation, examination, and maintenance of devices.


CNPE GM Liu Wei said on March 13th that Fuqing Unit 6 is progressing smoothly. The current plan is to attach the containment dome after March 20th – sometime between 21st and 23rd, depending on the weather. Once the dome is topped off, Fuqing Unit 6 will enter the peak phase of installation.