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Nuclear News Weekly Roundup – 03/05 - 03/09

NEA: 6-8 FCDs Planned This Year

The National Energy Administration released the 2018 Energy Work Guidance on March 7th, stating that it will continue to work on the issue of regional nuclear power curtailment. The guidance also indicates that efforts will be made to boost and support the progress of NPPs under construction. Sanmen Unit 1, Haiyang Unit 1, Taishan Unit 1, Tianwan Unit 3*, and Yangjiang Unit 5 are planned to be completed this year, which will add 6 MKW of new installed capacity. Approved NPP projects will also receive support and promotion, including 6-8 FCDs that are planned to go through this year.

Nicobar Notes: Tianwan Unit 3 has been connected to the grid since last December and began commercial operation in February 2018.


CNNC President Wang Shoujun: Appeal the NEA to Permit More New Builds

March 7th was the fifth day of the “two sessions,” the annual meetings of the national legislature and the top political advisory body. CNNC President Wang Shoujun told a journalist that “the Going Out of Hualong One is (only) truly realized in Pakistan. We exported three Hualong One units to Pakistan and two of them are under construction. We are having promising conversations with Argentina and Jordan and some other countries. We are being optimistic and hoping that we will sign contracts with these two countries this year... I appeal to the NEA to issue permits to new NPP projects.”


CNNC Increases Budget for Fuqing Unit 3 & 4

The original preliminary design budget for Fuqing Unit 3 & 4 was CNY 22.792 billion. Due to the post-Fukushima upgrades in safety standards, as well as the delay of equipment supply, the original allotted budget is proving to be inadequate to cover funds. The Electric Power Planning & Engineering Institute (EPPEI) was entrusted to evaluate the proposed changes to the original budget. The budget has been increased to CNY 24.31 billion.


Dongfang Electric Received Hinkley Point C’s Equipment Purchase Order

On March 1st, 2018, Dongfang Electric received equipment purchase orders for Hinkley Point C from Framatome and GE. Under those contracts, Dongfang Electric will provide steam generator supports, pressurizer supports, RCP supports, and the steam turbine generator’s LP outer casing. It marks a breakthrough for Dongfang Electric’s vision of Going Out; it is now fully capable of exporting equipment to high-end markets in developed countries.


Ling Long One, the CNNC Design of the SMR Demonstration Project, Passed Preliminary Design Inspection

CNNC announced that the Changjiang Small Modular Reactor (SMR) demonstration project that uses the self-developed Ling Long One (ACP100) reactor design has recently passed the preliminary design inspection. This signifies that CNNC has a firm grasp on Gen III small reactor design with complete proprietary intellectual property rights, which lays the foundation for future engineering application of SMRs.


China is Conducting Space Nuclear Power Studies

Liu Zhirang, Dean of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation’s Academy of Aerospace Propulsion Technology, introduced during the “two sessions” that the Academy is working with other Chinese design and research institutes to conduct studies on space nuclear power projects and relevant key technologies, such as nuclear heating and nuclear power. These projects are intended to expand the scope of technologies used in future space missions.