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China Nuclear News Weekly Roundup – 11/09 - 11/16

Multiple New CNNC NPP Sites Ready to Begin Construction

On November 15th, CNNC held a press conference honoring the 40th anniversary of its implementation of the Reform and Opening-up Policy. Yu Jianfeng, President of CNNC, reviewed the development of Chinese nuclear industry, where CNNC has played a leading role, over the past 40 years and discussed its future goals. “CNNC is now capable of building more than ten nuclear power units a year,” said Yu Jianfeng. He also told the public that multiple new sites are fully prepared to begin construction.  


UK HPR1000 Enters GDA Phase III

On November 15th (London time), the United Kingdom’s Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) and the Environment Agency (EA) released statements, announcing that they have completed Phase 2 of the design inspection of the UK HPR1000. At this stage, the regulatory authorities have not found any fundamental safety, security or environmental issues in the reactor design, which gives the HPR1000 the green light to the next step. The EA’s conclusion stated: “[t]he annual impact of radiation from the UK HPR1000 on people is likely to be below the UK public radiological dose limit and the constraint for any new source[1].”

The UK HPR1000’s GDA was requested by CGN and EDF through their British JV, General Nuclear System Ltd (GNS) and the process was initiated in January 2017. Going forward, more detailed information will be required to carry out further assessment and “there is still a considerable amount of work that will need to be undertaken by GNS...[2]” the ONR concluded.


Bill Gates Visits the China Energy Investment Corporation

On November 8th, Bill Gates paid a quick visit to CEIC, the Chinese state-owned energy and coal mining conglomerate. As the founder and chairman of TerraPower, Gates discussed the development of Gen IV nuclear power technology with his Chinese counterpart and the two sides agree to continuously pursue the promotion and application of the technology. He also received a certificate of membership as a Foreign Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering from Li Xiaohong, head of the institute.


CGN Issuing CNY 2 Billion Worth of 3-year Bonds to Increase Liquidity

On November 9th, CGN released information about its plan to issue a public bond offering. The bonds will be worth no more than CNY 2 billion (USD 300M) and have a 3-year maturity period. The financing will be used to increase the company’s liquidity as well as repay interest on other company debts. Publicly available information shows that CGN’s assets and revenue have grown rapidly in recent years.


Yangjiang Unit 6 Finishes Cold Testing, Projected to Begin Commercial Operation in the Second Half of 2019  

Tianwan Phase IV Expected to Pour NI’s First Concrete in 2021

Sputnik, the Russian state-owned news agency, reported on November 12th that Tianwan NPP’s Phase IV project will start in 2021. A Rosatom manager told Sputnik that Tianwan Unit 7 should have its FCD in 2021.

In June 2018, China signed a framework agreement with the Russian government to procure more VVER units as part of the Phase IV project for Tianwan NPP. Previously, China imported four units of VVER variations at the Tianwan site. Unit 4 was just connected to the external transmission grid last month on October 27th. 


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