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China Nuclear News Weekly Roundup – 10/08 - 10/12

US DOE Announces New U.S. Policy Framework on Export of Nuclear Technology to China, Prohibiting Transfer of Technology to CGN and all exports related to Advanced Reactors

On October 11th, the US Department of Energy announced an updated Policy Framework on Civil Nuclear Cooperation with China, further restricting exports of technology, equipment and components in the civil nuclear industry to China. Based in concerns of U.S. technology being diverted to military use or used against U.S. national or economic security, the new policy prohibits exports of technology in four categories, namely light water SMRs, non-light water Gen IV technologies, any new technology transfer after Jan. 2018, as well as any business with CGN or its subsidiaries. All equipment and components related to the HPR1000 Chinese indigenous reactor design, and any non-AP1000-identical CAP1400 equipment will also be denied for export. Future assistance to AP1000 units and other identical parts for lineage units, CAP1000 and CAP1400, will be continued, but limited to projects belonging to CNNC and SPIC


Haiyang Unit 2 Connects to the External Power Grid

On October 13th, Haiyang Unit 2 was connected to the external power grid. The milestone was reached after nearly one month after Haiyang Unit 1’s grid connection. At this point, all four of China’s AP1000 units have been connected to the power grid.


Nur Bekri Removed from Head of NEA and Deputy Director of NDRC

On October 12th, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security released a notice stating that Nur Bekri, former Director of the National Energy Administration and Deputy Director of the National Development and Reform Commission has been removed from his position. Less than one month ago, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, CPC’s top anti-corruption agency, announced an official investigation on Bekri.


Sanmen Unit 1 Passes Provisional Acceptance Inspection

On Oct. 11th, Sanmen Unit 1 completed 700 hours of continuous operation and performance testing, thereby meeting the requirements for provisional acceptance. Sanmen Nuclear Power Company signed letters of acceptance respectively with Westinghouse Electric, State Nuclear Power Engineering Company, Harbin Electric & Mitsubishi Consortium, as well as Zhejiang Thermal Power Construction Company.