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Nuclear News Weekly Roundup – 01/15 - 01/19

Multiple Key Components Installed at Fuqing Unit 5

On January 15th, following the introduction of each of Fuqing Unit 5’s three steam generators, each of the three RCP cases were also hoisted into position. The first two RCP cases were put into place on December 10th, 2017, and January 14th, 2018 respectively, with the following installed on the 15th. On the afternoon of January 19th, the conventional island (CI) turbine generator stator was installed. The stator is the heaviest component within the CI hall and one of the key components of the turbine generator. The stator was manufactured by Dongfang Electric Machinery Company.


“Nuclear Power Equipment On-line Monitoring and Intelligent Diagnosis Laboratory” Established at SNPI

The unveiling ceremony of the “Nuclear Power Equipment On-line Monitoring and Intelligent Diagnosis Laboratory” was held at Suzhou Nuclear Power Institute (SNPI) on January 12th. The lab is affiliated with the Ministry of Science and Technology’s State Nuclear Power Plant Safety and Security Engineering Technology Research Center at SNPI. Ningde NPP, Harbin Engineering University, and North China Electric Power University are all co-founders of the lab. The lab will run new algorithms using big data derived from operational NPPS to provide intelligent monitoring services for fleet units. Following the unveiling ceremony, Unit 1 of Ling’ao phase II and Ningde Unit 1 will become the pilot units used to build intelligent monitoring models.