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Nuclear News Weekly Roundup – 12/04 - 12/08

No. 1 Steam Generator of the World’s First HPR1000 Installed at Fuqing Unit 5

On November 28th, the first steam generator (ZH-65) was successfully installed at Fuqing Unit 5. The steam generator is indigenously designed and developed by Nuclear Power Institute of China (NPIC). The successful installation hits a new milestone for primary equipment installation and paves the way for subsequent work.


China’s First Gen III NPP May Begin Commercial Operation Next Year

State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC) had its first Open House day last week in Beijing. The corporation in charge of the AP1000 technical transfer said that Sanmen Unit 1, China’s first Gen III NPP, is in the final pre-fueling preparation stage and will hopefully begin commercial operation next year. As of the end of this month, China has 56 nuclear power units in total, 37 of which are in operation. Among the 19 units under construction, there are four AP1000s. The indigenously developed CAP1400 demonstration project is also in the works. The CAP1400 project is one of the 16 National Science and Technology Major Projects. A single CAP1400 unit can generate 11.4 billion kWh worth of power annually, while the NPP and its primary equipment have a designated service life of 60 years. The CAP1400 is much safer than older generation nuclear technologies. The passive safety design assures a 72-hour non-interference safe period following a power outage.


CGN Looks to Opt Out of Direct Electricity Sales Market in Guangdong Next Year

The Government of Guangdong Province announced in August that nuclear power will take part in electricity sales through market-based mechanisms in 2018. China General Nuclear, China’s nuclear power magnet and the owner of all NPPs in Guangdong Province, said this month that it would rather not immediately participate in the newly reformed market. CGN is proposing an alternative plan instead by which it will surrender a portion of profit to the government in return for guaranteed fixed price & volume of grid-connection power. Experts comment that it is a reasonable move for CGN to act in such a conservative manner. However, Guangdong has great electricity demand, and the market mechanism there is relatively transparent and well enforced. Therefore, CGN could totally figure out a profitable price in the market given its negotiating power in the province of its base camp. At this point, the proposed plan is negotiated by concerned parties and it is unclear whether it will be accepted or not.