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Nuclear News Weekly Roundup – 10/30 - 11/03

Hongyanhe Unit 5 Reached its First NI Installation Milestone

On October 31st installation of the ring crane at Hongyanhe Unit 5 was completed, marking the first NI installation milestone for the project. The ring crane was installed and is now ready for use 15 days ahead of schedule, setting a solid foundation for installing primary equipment and related components.


NI Plant Civil Construction Drawings for HPR1000 at Fangchenggang Unit 3 Published

On October 31st, the final installment of the NI containment building’s civil construction drawings detailing the HPR1000 build at Fangchengang Unit 3 was published. With this release, CGN has now published all of the civil construction drawings of its Fangchenggang flagship HPR1000 reactor.


Fuqing Unit 3 Enters First Outage/ Refueling

On October 31st, Fuqing Unit 3 finished network islanding and entered “Outage 301”. Outage 301 is the first outage and refueling for Fuqing Unit 3. It will last 69 days and includes 7042 items to be addressed, including refueling the nuclear reactor, hydraulic testing for the primary coolant system, an RPV in-service examination, air-tightness tests for the containment building and penetrations, a full-scope in-service examination for the steam generators and pressurizers, a strip inspection for the turbine’s high and medium pressure cylinder, etc.


First Indigenous Dry Storage Cask Container Prototype Passed Acceptance Check

The first indigenous dry storage cask’s concrete container has recently passed Areva’s acceptance check. The key piece of equipment, the dry storage cask’s stainless steel support rack (DSC support rack hereafter), is manufactured by China Nuclear Industry Huaxing Construction Company, Ltd. Areva’s acceptance indicates that the China Nuclear Huaxing - Areva cooperation project has entered its implementation stage, which lays a foundation for China Nuclear Huaxing to enter the nuclear fuel post-treatment service market. The DSC support rack is installed inside the dry storage cask’s concrete container as the slide rack for filling and discharging DSCs. It is also a structural support for long-term storage and must meet high technical standards like precision and degree of various angles and geometric specifications.