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Nuclear News Weekly Roundup – 11/13 - 11/17

Phase II of the Generic Design Assessment for Bradwell B HPR1000 Project has Entered Phase II

On the morning of November 16th local time, CGN and its local partner, EDF, released a joint announcement that the UK Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) and Environment Agency (EA) have given approval for the Bradwell B HPR1000 project to proceed onto phase II of the Generic Design Assessment (GDA).


Fangchenggang Unit 3 CI Turbine Building Raft Foundation Concrete Pouring Complete

On November 12th, CGN’s HPR1000 demonstration project at Fangchenggang reached another milestone. Unit 3’s CI finished pouring concrete for the raft foundation of its turbine foundation. It has laid the groundwork for further civil construction tasks.


Steam Generator of World’s First FPR1000 Delivered, Marking the Start of Primary Equipment Installation

On November 10th, first steam generator of Fuqing Unit 5, the world’s first HPR1000 and CNNC’s demonstration project, was successfully introduced into containment through the 16.5 m2 gantry platform. The ZH-65 steam generator used in Fuqing Unit 5 was designed and developed by CNNC and is one key piece of equipment in the reactor primary coolant (RPC) system, transforming heat from the reactor core into steam, which in turn generates power. As the crux between the primary and secondary coolant loops, steam generators act as the ‘lungs’ of the reactor. This successful milestone marks the start of primary equipment installation for Fuqing Unit 5.