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Nuclear News Weekly Roundup – 11/06 - 11/10

World’s First HPR1000 Steam Generator Delivered to Fuqing Unit 5

On November 9th, Fuqing Unit 5’s steam generator was delivered, the world’s first for an HPR1000 unit. It was placed beneath the bridge crane and is ready to be installed on the NI’s 16.5 m2 platform.


LOT1, Digital Control System (DCS) Equipment of Karachi Unit 2 Passed Acceptance Inspection

Karachi Unit 2’s DCS equipment, LOT1, has recently passed its acceptance inspection. The purchaser, China Nuclear Industry Zhongyuan Construction Corporation, organized the inspection and assembled a team of more than 30 expert participants from CNPE, Huadong Electric Power Design Institute, and Beijing Starbecs Engineering Management Company, an engineering project supervision subsidiary of CNPE. Inspection items include an acceptance examination of the equipment and quality assurance inspection. The inspection team carefully examined the documents and records produced during the “working stage”, such as those related to the required equipment analysis, engineering design, procurements, manufacturing, and testing, etc. The experts also conducted visual checks on the DCS equipment as well as spare parts, and ran tests to check system functionality. The inspection team verified that the equipment meets contract requirements and complies with all the technical specifications and list of acceptance inspection standards. Following this, the DCS LOT1 equipment for Karachi Unit 2 received shipping approval.


HPR1000 Prototype Generator at Fuqing Unit 5 is Successfully Developed and Produced

On November 6th, the first HPR1000 half-speed turbine generator prototype, which is being used at Fuqing Unit 5, passed in-house prototype testing. Turbine generators are the primary equipment used to turn nuclear energy into electrical power. The half-speed turbine generator was developed and produced by Dongfang Electric. The development of the prototype faces various challenges related to its complex specifications, large size, complicated structure, sophisticated technology, etc. The prototype test includes 27 different tests and observations, including open circuit and short circuit test, as well as temperature increase and vibration observations, etc. Each technical performance test fulfilled contract requirements and technical specifications, and has the overall highest technical performance in the world.


Fuqing Unit 2 Finished Its Second Outage

On November 6th, Fuqing Unit 2 was brought back online after finishing its second outage and refueling period, including all of its related inspection maintenance work, and testing. The second outage of Unit 2, referred to as “Outage 202”, had 6372 inspection and maintenance items completed in 36.2 days. It was Fuqing Unit 2’s first annual short outage.