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Nuclear News Weekly Round Up – 10/16 - 10/20

Fuqing Unit 5’s Deaerator Assembled & Installed

The deaerator for China’s flagship HPR1000 at the Fuqing site (Unit 5) was successfully assembled and installed on October 16th. The deaerator was shipped to the construction site in three pieces (left, middle, and right). The three pieces were then installed and welded together on site. The assembled deaerator weighs 250 tons and has a length of 50 meters. This milestone indicates that equipment installation in the turbine hall will soon begin and that the construction of the conventional island is on schedule and well underway.


Hongyanhe NPP’s 500kV Southern Power Distribution Line Completed, Project Begins Commercial Operation

Hongyanhe’s “Hongnan Line 1” power distribution line recently passed standard evaluation tests and began operating. Hongnan Line 1 connects various points within the surrounding area of Dalian city, making its way first to Wafangdian before connecting through Puwan New District, Free Trade Zone, and finally to Nanguanling transformer station. The 140.2 kilometer line passes through 376 base towers and took almost six years to construct.