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Nuclear News Weekly Round Up – 10/09 – 10/13

Tianwan Unit 3 Steam Turbine Generator (STG) First Steamrolling Successful

On October 5th, Tianwan unit 3’s STG was steamrolled for the first time, maintaining a stable 1500 rpm for three hours. Various measured parameters such as upper and lower casing temperature differential, bearing and bearing shell vibration as well as temperature all met standard requirements, indicating a successful steamrolling. This success lays a solid foundation for subsequent steps such as grid connection and transient tests at each of the power platforms. Tianwan unit 3 is now entering its “sprint stage” of grid connection.


First Exported Hualong One (HPR1000) Reactor Pressure Vessel (RPV) Successfully Installed, Validating the “Pre-installation” Method

On September 30th (local time), Karachi unit 2 RPV, the first internationally constructed Hualong One model built using the “pre-installation” method, was successfully installed. The RPV, along with three steam generators were all installed within 21 days following September 10th, indicating that the pre-installation method, wherein major equipment like the steam generators are put into place before the NI dome is ultimately installed, is fully validated. This also serves as a good reference for the construction of subsequent similar-type NPPs. The RPV is independently designed and developed by CNNC’s Nuclear Power Institute of China. It is the first of its kind, and also China’s first fully localized Gen III RPV.


Production of Ningde Unit 5’s Rotating Shaft Forging Completed

China Erzhong Group recently finished producing Ningde unit 5’s rotating shaft forging. Erzhong was awarded the subcontract from Dongfang Electric’s Dongfang Electric Machinery Corporation. This success provides valuable experience for future production of oversize forging made from 600t-level steel ingot.