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Our Values

 Nicobar believes that openness, honesty and hard-work pay off. By acting in the best interests of our clients, we build deep, long-term business partnerships that enrich our lives. Nicobar is a company that drives cooperation and engagement between the US and Chinese commercial nuclear industries.

 While all countries wrestle with challenges in meeting their energy demands, China is unmatched in the scale and breadth of the energy infrastructure expansion currently underway. Helping China achieve its goal of bringing more clean power onto the grid and reducing the environmental impact of its unprecedented development is an ambitious challenge, one the Nicobar team wakes up every morning ready to tackle.

 Nicobar views nuclear power as a central pillar of the world’s energy mix as we advance deeper into the 21st century. With the collective recognition that the planet is reaching the limits of what can be withstood from fossil-fueled energy sources, our goal is to support the safe development of commercial nuclear power in China.

We believe that cooperation and partnerships between the US and China is in the best interest of both countries and indeed the entire world.

 Engagement between the US and China in the commercial nuclear sector will produce a safer, more secure energy future for the planet and while serving to encourage broader US - China cooperation.

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