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Over 10 Years of Experience

Nicobar has worked with many companies to optimize their China procurement approach. Our capabilities is based on our deep expertise in developing and executing strategies for cost-effective operations and reducing procurement costs. Additionally, Nicobar has long-standing relationships with many top-tier, high quality bankable suppliers in the metallic manufacturing industry, including manufacturers of castings, stampings, forgings and metal fabrication.   Nicobar has maintained supplier independence as one of the primary facets of its business model so as to ensure true objectivity when providing clients with the ideal solution across different geographies.

We Go Beyond Basic Supplier Identification

Nicobar provides its clients with turnkey procurement opportunities from China, include pricing, terms, and logistical coordination of procurement opportunities. The Nicobar team has developed institutional processes aimed toward ensuring clients will secure highly competitive pricing for products. Nicobar also collaborates with suppliers to set up the standard operating procedures for both future manufacturing and procurement. Our relationships with manufacturers combine with our experience in all aspects of the metalworking industry, to provide Nicobar with unparalleled insight into the negotiation process. 

The Nicobar team has broad experience with machinery processes as well as metal manufacturing processes, and we have deep experience with China vs. foreign material engineering analysis. We help our clients outsource all the headache of figuring out appropriate Chinese equivalents for material properties, standards and dimensions. Our team also has full professional competency with various engineering tools and software suites including SolidWorks, ProE and AutoCAD.

Our Turn-key China Supply Chain Solution 

The image below depicts the entire ecosystem of turnkey supply chain management and support Nicobar offers its clients. 

SCM Process.png

Specific Supply Chain Activities

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Sourcing Strategy:
Analysis and Procurement

  • Industry Analysis in the value chain
  • Sourcing hubs and platforms in China
  • M&A suppliers and vendors
  • SCM concepts including logistics strategies
  • Tariff compliance analysis
  • Customized product approach across geographies
  • Supplier search, analysis and audits (RFI/ RFQ)
  • Supplier contracts and certifications
  • Supplier Quality Management, QS

Supplier Management and Benchmarking

  • Quarterly scorecard assessment
  • Supplier integration process
  • Risk Management
  • Design/engineering "to market"
  • Optimization of existing supply chains and processes OEM Management

Nicobar also offers factory audit and due diligence support to ensure you partner with high-quality, credible manufacturers in China. Our due diligence points of evaluation include manufacturing and quality team interviews, preliminary QA program audit, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) evaluations, product certifications and testing validation, and equipment capability evaluations. 

Quality Assurance Support

Nicobar’s Quality Assurance services span the entire duration of the manufacturing process, from the arrival of raw materials in the factory to the shipment of products to the client.

The Nicobar team specializes in the development and implementation of quality assurance programs suitable for clients. Nicobar’s experienced on-the-ground and international team of quality control engineers and supply chain consultants offers an unparalleled quality assurance presence during the whole manufacturing process.

Nicobar’s platform also provides the flexibility needed in order to develop quality assurance platforms that are tailored to the client. Clients that are involved with special industries may elect for either a stricter program that forces vendors to undertake rigorous testing procedures and inspections by third-party providers, or higher in-house testing frequency and standards. Nicobar’s long-standing relationships with metallic product manufacturers at different levels of corporate organization, including executives, management, operations, and quality control personnel, permit its bilingual team to provide clients with the peace of mind that Nicobar will provide an unbiased, third-party quality assurance presence in the factory.

Our basic quality assurance support services include pre-production quality control (IQC), 24/7 In-Line Production Monitoring (IPQC), Post-production Quality Control, Container Loading Check, and third party testing